Translate presentation in real time using PowerPoint:

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the best available virtual presentation software developed by Microsoft via under the Microsoft Office Suite. Designed to demonstrate visuals for presenting to group of people in business environment. Initially developed for business but widely followed and adapted in schools and other community organizations. With years Presentation software’s have evolved with the arising needs of business class. Now it has come to a point where Microsoft is experimenting with new add-in feature that converts and allows present slides into a foreign language. This was demonstrated on stage by Microsoft executive Harry Shum in the Company’s build developer’s conference. One can download the translator app to sync it with PowerPoint slides automatically.

This is a great move from Microsoft as a Multinational firm trying to eliminate linguistic barrier for the presenter and attendees. As PowerPoint is popular way to make presentation for traditional face-to face slide shows eliminating the linguistic barriers bring in scope for more growth.

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